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Nothing quite says summer like a fun-filled day out at an amusement park. Kids and adults alike enjoy thrills on the rides, wading pools that help you cool off, and connecting with other members of your community in lines or just while walking around. Indeed, amusement parks promise a great time for the entire family. Unfortunately, many people each year are badly injured at these summer hot spots. The attractions at amusement parks can become incredibly dangerous when they are not properly installed, maintained, and cleaned.

Texas law requires amusement parks to keep their facilities and rides safe for guests. At Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys, we believe that amusement park owners and managers have a serious responsibility to ensure that their customers are not hurt. That means paying careful attention to the conditions of the park, the state of their rides, and the training of their employees. If owner negligence caused or worsened an injury you suffered at an amusement park, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

Common Causes of Park Injuries

Water parks, such as Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort, draw such large crowds because they offer exciting rides and chilly pools that help beat the Texas summer heat. Of course, these very attractions can become dangerous—even life-threatening. Water greatly increases the chances of slip-and-fall accidents and high-speed rides can cause unthinkable injuries when they are not safely built and maintained.
Some common causes of water park accidents include:

  • Poorly designed rides
  • Improperly built slides
  • Negligent lifeguards
  • Missing or incomplete signs
  • Unexpectedly slippery surfaces
  • Unclean or otherwise unsafe water
  • Overcrowding on stairs or rides

When water parks are closed or when families want to opt for drier entertainment, many people head to one of Texas’s amusement parks. Parks, such as Six Flags, draw large crowds with their high-speed, adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and other thrilling rides. Unfortunately, the very nature of these rides can threaten the safety of park patrons, and when they malfunction, people can be seriously injured.

Some common causes of amusement park injuries include:

  • Mechanical ride failure
  • Poor workmanship
  • Employee negligence
  • Overcrowded rides, platforms, and other areas
  • Fires
  • Broken seat belts and other ride safety features
  • Contaminated food products

Any one of these issues could cause a serious, long-lasting medical issue. Injured park patrons can suffer from burns, lacerations, broken limbs, fractured spines, head wounds, torn muscles, dislocations, and a host of other problems. Injuries at amusements parks and water parks can result in thousands of dollars of unanticipated medical costs. Whatever the cause, if negligence, carelessness, or a willful action contributed to your injury, you deserve financial compensation from the responsible party.

Amusement Park Injury Statistics

A 2013 study in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Pediatrics revealed that a shockingly high amount of injuries happened in amusement parks from 1990 to 2010. The study shows that:

  • An estimated 92,995 children 17 or younger were injured on amusement rides
  • On average, there were 4,423 injuries each year
  • The neck and the head were the most frequently injured body regions
  • Soft tissue injuries were the most common
  • Falling in, on, off, or against the ride was the most frequent cause of injury

The study concludes that amusement parks need to improve their safety measures, especially those geared towards preventing dangerous falls. Park owners need to take preventative precautions to ensure the safety of their guests. When owner or manager negligence causes an accident, people can be severely injured. The number of amusement park injuries and deaths would drastically decrease if owners oversaw scheduled maintenance, extensive employee training, the purchase of quality rides, and careful attraction construction.

Amusement Park Accidents and the Law

If you have been hurt in an amusement park accident, your legal case will most likely fall under personal injury law. Personal injury law differs from criminal law in a variety of respects. For one, in criminal law, a prosecuting attorney brings criminal charges against someone on behalf of the government. Personal injury law involves a private citizen or group accusing another party of causing an injury through wrongdoing or neglect. Another difference has to do with the general purpose of the legal case. Criminal law exists to punish the guilty for committing crimes with jail time, fines, or other sentences. On the other hand, personal injury law upholds the idea that you should not have to suffer because of someone else’s reckless actions. Injury victims can be awarded damages, or monetary amounts, from the party legally liable for causing them harm. In the case of a large corporation, like those that own an amusement park, the damages an injured party seeks may be both compensatory and a bit punitive to ensure the same injuries aren’t suffered by more people.

In terms of amusement park injuries, owners and managers might be held legally liable for injury-causing negligence. Imagine that you suffered a broken arm because the safety constraints on a roller coaster malfunctioned during the ride. While this incident may seem like a random accident, the park owner is legally responsible for making sure their attractions are safe for use. That means scheduling routine maintenance, anticipating problems, and double-checking that new rides are not dangerous. A skilled attorney can investigate the accident and help you determine whether another party’s negligence caused or contributed to your injury. In this case, the careless park owner would likely be required to provide compensation for the costs of your injury.

Amusement Park Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you love was injured in an amusement park accident, you probably have a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of some common questions our clients often pose. Feel free to contact us at (361) 888-8808 to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional. We are happy to address any other questions you have concerning our services or your specific situation.

How much is my case worth?

That depends largely on the costs and extent of your injuries. Personal injury law allows victims to seek financial compensation from the party responsible for causing them harm. The responsible party may be compelled to compensate you for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Physical pain
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Counselling
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost work wages, including vacation and/or sick days
  • Mental anguish
  • Lifestyle changes

You should not be burdened with the costs of an injury resulting from someone else’s negligence. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you determine how much your case may be worth and, if you so choose, can represent you as you seek monetary recompense.

Why should I seek compensation?

Compensation can help secure financial stability for you and your family as you handle your injuries and move forward with your future. Some people think that a personal injury case will ultimately take too much time and money, even in the event of a legal victory. Even individuals with a strong case avoid speaking with an attorney because of this assumption, and that means many victims miss out on recovering substantial monetary recompense. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you decide whether or not it would be beneficial for you to pursue a claim. A successful case can equip you with the money you need to cover some or all of the expenses related to your amusement park injury.

Why should I choose Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys?

Our personal injury attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience representing the victims of preventable accidents. We understand that an unexpected accident can overwhelm you with stress and anxiety. That’s why we prioritize clear, open communication with our clients. Additionally, we focus on getting you the maximum amount of monetary compensation as quickly as possible so that you can handle your debts and focus on other important matters. To demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ well-being, we offer our services on a contingency basis. If you don’t receive financial compensation, you don’t owe us costs or fees.

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If you or someone close to you has been injured at an amusement park, you may be facing significant, stressful problems. As if the pain and shock of the injury wasn’t enough, victims can also be burdened with unaffordable medical costs. The initial treatment, follow-up doctor’s appointments, medication, physical therapy, and other future medical expenses can put you in a dire financial situation even if you have a solid insurance policy. You can also miss out on work wages if you have to take time off for recovery. Altogether, an injury can seriously impact many important aspects of your life.

Thankfully, those injured by the negligence of others do have legal recourse. The skilled attorneys at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to hold the owners and managers of amusement parks, water parks, and theme parks accountable for their mistakes. If you have suffered an injury due to park owner negligence, you deserve monetary recompense. Call us today at (361) 888-8808 to learn more about your legal options.

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