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Texas Still A Leader In Teen Driver Car Accident Fatalities

Motor vehicle accidents are still a primary cause of death for teens behind the wheel. Texas is still among the highest in teen driving fatalities, with only three states in the nation reporting more. While this is down slightly from last year (second highest), Corpus Christi and other Texas cities have continued to report some of the highest numbers of teen auto collision deaths in the nation.

In fact, according to preliminary analysis of last year’s data, teen driver car accident fatalities are still on the rise nationally, despite an ongoing nationwide safety effort. After many years of declining numbers, for the past few years, the trend has reversed. The 2012 report from the GHSA shows a nationwide preliminary increase of 19% from 2011 to 2012.

What Can Parents Do?

It is important that parents teach your teenagers to avoid the hazards responsible for the greatest number of serious car accidents involving teens.

Driving too fast for the road conditions

Even if the posted speed limit is up to 75 on some highways, your teen needs to know to pay attention to traffic congestion, objects in the road, bad weather conditions, and poorly lit areas. Our car accident attorneys have seen many cases in general where the victim was hurt by a driver who ignored these very issues.

Recognizing driver distractions

Everyone should know about the hazards of texting, cell phones, and other electronic devices, (and if you don’t, please see some of our other blog posts here Three Times The Population of Corpus Christi on a Cell Phone While Driving? and here Will Corpus Christi Distracted Driver Law Reduce Car Accidents?) and a family policy against use of such devices can go a long way toward helping. But there are other distractions that a teen may face that they should be taught to recognize. For example, other teen passengers and overly loud music in the car can distract a teen driver from hearing an oncoming hazard.

Teen drivers are inexperienced, and need to develop good driving habits now, to make our roads safer in the future. For further information, on how to discuss these suggestions with your teenage drivers, and National Teen Driver Safety Week, visit for more information.

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