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  • How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

    In an ideal world, people would get settlements within a matter of days after being in a car accident that caused serious injuries or significant damages. In a less-than-ideal world, it would only take a few weeks at most. In the real world, the circumstances of your accident or incident could mean you might not receive any compensation for months or more. Three reasons your case settlement could ...
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  • How to Determine the Full Value of Your Car Accident Case

    After being in a car accident , you can probably expect to get contacted by an insurance provider, either your own or that of the liable party, relatively soon. If they do not think 100% of the accountability falls on your shoulders, they are going to offer you a settlement amount. But the first question you need to ask will be, “Is this a fair amount?” If history is any indication of what has yet ...
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