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Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • Back Injuries in the Maritime Industry

    One of the most common types of injuries that occurs in maritime industries is the back injury. Maritime labor is frequently exhausting work, involving lots of heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and long hours. As a result, back injuries can sometimes develop quickly through a sudden accident, or over long periods, resulting in chronic, recurring pain. Back injuries can be some of the most ...
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  • Discrimination Against Maritime Employees

    Working in an offshore or maritime industry, such as oil or gas drilling, shipping, commercial fishing, and numerous others, carries significant risk. The regular offshore excursions these workers take makes an accident possible in numerous different ways, and in many cases these accidents can result in potentially devastating and life-impacting injuries. Because of this, companies with maritime ...
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  • The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Protecting the Rights of Offshore Workers

    The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is what regulates the land under water off our coastlines. This act, implemented in 1953, designates all land lying seaward of state coastal waters for three miles as the “outer continental shelf,” and gives control of these lands to the Secretary of the Interior. This means the Department of the Interior has the power to grant leases on this land to those who ...
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  • Contaminated Water Could Pose Major Health Hazard

    An industrial zone accident in Corpus Christi may have contaminated the city’s water supply, prompting officials to warn residents not to use the water for any reason. As of December 16 th , officials had lifted a few of the restrictions, but up to 300,000 people were still impacted. The accident happened when between three and 24 gallons of an asphalt emulsifier, known as Indulin AA-86, was ...
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