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Statute of Limitations for Maritime Law Cases

Statute of Limitations for Maritime Law Cases

As a ship worker or employee protected under the Jones Act, you have certain rights if you are injured. When you have been hurt in a maritime accident as a result of a negligent employer or third-party, you should consider filing a lawsuit. It is understandable that filing a lawsuit may not be the first thing on your mind after you have been hurt or lost a loved one. There is, however, a statute of limitation which means a certain period of time you have to speak to a lawyer and file a claim.

In order to avoid missing any important deadlines to recover compensation for your injuries, educating yourself on the statute of limitation for maritime law cases is essential. Hiring a lawyer to represent you is key to ensuring that you file on time, but it is understandable that you may be more focused on seeing doctors or tending to your injuries first.

The following factors are important to consider:

  • The statute of limitations for most maritime lawsuits is three years from the time you suffered the injury or were in the accident.
  • Certain circumstances lower the statute of limitations to two years, such as if you were on a ship which was owned by the U.S. government.
  • You will need to send notice to your employer and/or the government within a shorter period of time, typically around 22 months.

The statute of limitations for maritime accidents are definite, which means deadlines to file are strict and cannot be changed. If you miss the deadline to file because you were taking the time to heal or weren't sure if you wanted to file. The best thing you can do to protect your ability to file is to speak with a maritime accident lawyer soon after the accident.

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