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Liability of a Negligent Ship Captain

Liability of a Negligent Ship Captain

As an offshore worker, you work in an industry which poses many potential hazards. Your employer and ship captain should take proper precautions to protect you from accidents and injuries. If they fail to operate with reasonable care and you are hurt or injured in an accident, they may be at fault. In order to understand whether your ship captain was negligent, you must first understand the type of actions and inactions which can lead to accidents.

A claim may be pursued if the ship captain behaved in an irresponsible manner which caused an unsafe condition on the ship to exist. Employers may be held responsible for unseaworthiness if they have not provided you with a safe place to work. If they knew that dangerous conditions existed and did nothing to fix them, leading to your accident, you will need to show that they were aware of the unsafe condition but did nothing to resolve the situation.

A few examples of situations which your ship captain may be held accountable for offshore accidents include:

  • Negligence of other employees under the ship captain's watch
  • Failure to provide proper medical care
  • Violation of safety regulations or statutes
  • Failure to provide a safe workplace

Under the Jones Act, your ship captain may be held accountable for the offshore accident which caused your injuries. Maritime law is a very tricky subject which often requires the assistance of a legal professional. Your ship captain and the company may be unwilling to admit fault or try to cover up the circumstances which led to the accident. It requires careful investigation by an experienced attorney to prove that your ship captain failed to act with reasonable care.

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