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Recent Fires Display Dangers of Oil Refining Industry

Recent Fires Display Dangers of Oil Refining Industry

On March 16th, 2016, two massive fireballs from a refinery fire at ExxonMobil’s Torrance oil refining facility lit up the night sky, forcing closures on local roads and causing a large black cloud of smoke to accumulate under the area’s thick marine layer. This latest fire, sparked when a mylar balloon struck a nearby transmission line, marked the second accident in just 13 months for the facility, following a massive February 2015 explosion that resulted in the hospitalization of four workers. Again in March, yet another fire occurred at the Petrobras refinery in Pasadena, Texas, injuring three oil workers.

This recent spike in the frequency of refinery fires highlights the great dangers of the petroleum refining industry and the immense care that must be taken to prevent these types of horrific accidents. Refining oil and natural gas is an extremely delicate process that requires a high level of focus and training in order to be done safely. Even a split-second lapse in attention can have grave consequences, causing workers to suffer debilitating injuries or even death.

Frequently occurring refinery accidents include:

  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Falls from scaffoldings
  • Chemical breaches

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